Welcome at Gut Oggau

Stephanie, from a family of restaurateurs, learned photography, studied hospitality management in Lausanne, traveled the world. Eduard, from a winemaking family, learned the wine-making ropes, studied business administration. Our common dream was and is to create something lasting, to change the world, to be inspired and to inspire. We bought Gut Oggau back in 2007, with a lot of youthful enthusiasm, a pinch of naivety, a vision and an exciting, rocky, steep road ahead of us. We dared to take the plunge into the cold water of biodynamic cultivation, out of conviction, in order to close cycles and to maintain and increase the vitality of the vineyards. We saw natural wine as an opportunity to express our unique soils and our origins.

And yet, we did not set out to be different. Not to provoke. We only stand behind our way, the one that is unreservedly right for us. We are proud of the uniqueness of our wines and our approach. Proud that our wine personalities move people all over the world. Nevertheless, our drive has long ceased to be solely the finished wine in the bottle. We see ourselves as agriculteurs, as creators of culture, as shapers of cultural landscapes. Our canvases are our vineyards. Wine is so much more than just a beverage.

Mother Earth – part of a great whole

What shapes us is the beautiful journey throughout the year towards the ripe, harmonious, healthy grape, which brings together so much of the energy from our Mother Earth and the wider cosmos. So many stories of a year's journey that cannot be repeated. So much beauty that we can only preserve in wonder. Preserve in a bottle of wine. We see the earth embedded in a great whole. We do not work against nature, but with it, since after all we are a part of it. In this certainty, we care for and nurture our soils, plants and animals with great dedication and passion. We meticulously work and treat our vineyards. Select our grapes according to the strictest criteria. Do not compromise. Because then everything given to us by Mother Nature is so much more alive and greater than we could ever have dreamed.

One wine-family – different characters

Each bottle from Gut Oggau is an invitation, a ticket to walk a part of the way with us. 

Into the beauty of nature with all its energy, into balance, into harmony and into the enchanting unknown. It is not about expectations. It is not about taste alone. It is about feeling and intuition. It's about grasping the whole instinctively, openly and with all the senses. Lively as our wines are, full of character and rich in personality, we have felt and described them like personalities since the beginning. Described like dear people who have grown close to our hearts. This is the only correct approach for us to express their soul. The faces on our labels are fictitious, they refer purely to the personal impression that each wine makes on us.

Three generations, because the vineyards in our region bring such different characters. Young, carefree soil characters as the young generation. Life-experienced, serene as parents generation. Wise and good-natured as the grandparents' generation. We treat them all the same- with the same love, passion and care, only nature alone makes the difference. In order to make this difference perceptible, each wine is also treated equally in the winemaking process, we do not discriminate against any color, we do not divide any style. The result is highly individual, authentic expression of our soils, climate and vintage, delicately enlivened by our intervention, calmly accompanied until bottle maturity.

Theodora (White)

Theodora is back, bringing joy to our lives once again. Seductive, sassy and supremely well-structured. Spirited, independent and a little stubborn as ever. But that’s just the way we want her, because life is all about being true to yourself. Never backing down and holding your own against the pressures of conformity. In a World full of compromise, we need characters like her to inspire us to stand up for what we believe in. With every sip of Theodora, she may awaken a little of the rebel within you too. 

Winifred (Rosé)

Winifred brightens our lives again. She challenges perception, showing that a rosé can be so much more than “just” a rosé. A colour is not just a colour. Pure wine from terroir, vivacious in the surface, but with depth and complexity beneath. Her energy, passion and understanding will help you see the world in a new light. To eat, drink and live in harmony with the seasons make responsible choices. Find the right balance. That’s the lesson we can learn from Winifred.

Atanasius (Red)

Atanasius can always be counted on. Lusty, hands-on and direct. He never hides anything, rooted in the graveland and the limestone of his homeland. Nor does he feel any need to excuse his behavior. He is longing for something in life. Following his instincts. Taking what the season throws him. Believing in himself and his ability to reach for more. Why don’t we all strive to achieve more than other expect of us? Why don’t we simply trust in ourselves and be the best we can be? Take a sip of Atanasius and see if he inspires you to overcome some of the obstacles in life.

Timotheus (White)

It always feels good to have Timotheus around. We adore his thoughtfulness and dignity. His wry wit and is impressive stature. Regaling us with stories if the limestone and slate landscape in which he was raised.

Each anecdote an allegory for his insatiable energy and lust for life. And in his company we learn more about life in general and about ourselves to take things as they come. Be at peace with ourselves and the surroundings. And never take ourselves too seriously. Come and make friends with Timotheus, you will get a good dose of healthy, hedonistic soulfulness with every sip you take.

Emmeram (White)

Whenever Emmeram is around, he delights us with his dry humour and open-minded attitude to life. Elusive in nature, still he spices up our lives with his charming character and unique expressions of the limestone terroir where he grew.

He’s simultaneously humble and supremely self-assured. Head in the clouds and feet in the ground. Through his eyes you see the world in a brighter light. Re-evaluating, re-thinking, understanding that what’s right for you, might not be right for another. So, let Emmeram be an example to all of us. To live without prejudice and enjoy the unpredictability and beauty of nature with every sip you take.

Eugenie (White)

Eugenie is not long with us, but it seems she has been in our hearts forever.And she has established herself in 2023, appearing in all her beauty.Born in handcrafted vineyards that we planted ourselves, in our personal Garden Eden, a patch of earth that is healed, that radiates with energy.Nestled in trees, bushes and herbs, caressed by bees, tended by many hands, cared for by our horses.Her home is the future, her ancient soul honest, her wisdom astral and inspiring.Her charisma is subtle and thrilling, her expression gentle yet beaming and captivating.Together with brilliant Eugenie we are prepared to face the challenges, knowing that harmony and balance can only be achieved step by step.And every sip is a step towards confidence.

Cecilia (Rosé)

Meet Cecilia! You see her, you taste her, you feel her, she inspires you. She doesn’t car about conventions, and won’t be put in a box. She shows you that it’s good to be a little bit different. Mixed in white and red, rooted on limestone she shines bright, and proves there’s much more beyond the defined categories. A lover of horses, her soil releases distinct character. And we know this is only the start of a beautiful journey we’ll share together. A journey into being one’s true self, without any pretention. Together with Cecilia, we care less about trying to impress, and only about remaining independent.

Josephine (Red)

We live Josephine for her individual personality, her southern temper and northern dry wit. She always cheers us up, bright and playful yet warm and caring.

Happy to please, but also ready to take you to unexpected places. Her character reflects the vineyards where she grew up, bathed in the warmth of the sun, tempered by the purity and freshness of limestone. The dry heat of 2020 challenged her at times. But some refreshing nights in August cooled her down in a delightful way. She is a free spirit, unable to be contained. Delighting your senses and challenging your sensibilities with every sip you take. Josephine encourages us to open our minds to new ideas and explore new horizons. She inspires us to dare the unknown. That is her gift to the world.

Joschuari (Red)

From high up the hills where the vines flourish, Joschuari is the gentle master of all the surveys. His demeanor seems distant, yet he is deeply connected to the region and the spectacular limestone and slate terroir. It shapes his very character, his path through life has been stony but in 2020 he has emerged fully rounded, with nobility, pose and passion.

With the gentle touch of a warm and caring friend, his only desire is for us to di the best we can. To live life the way it comes, care about what matters and focus on what’s essential. Cool and calm, reliable, dedicated, yet full of life. You can’t help but be swirled up by his passion and charmed by his quiet confidence. Experiencing a thrill of the senses and an air of tranquility with every sip.

Mechthild (White)

We are ever curious to know what story Mechthild will tell next, or what mood we will find her in. She has a delicate yet precise nature that astonishes us every time. You’ll discover a character who doesn’t court attention, but still you are drawn towards her, waiting to drink in her beauty and sophistication. She responds with candour, direct and honest yet with a certain cool and carefree quality. Open yourself up to her elegant, enigmatic character. She’ll make you feel happier and wiser every sip.

Bertholdi (Rot)

Once Bertholdi opens up and starts telling his stories, you never want him to stop. Your senses linger on every drop as his voice caresses you with dulcet tones.

He tells of an emotional life, of times in the vineyards and times on the skinks. Of ancient tree presses and the peace and tranquility of his days spent in barrels, where he would relax and reflect on his journey so far. He remains connected to his roots, in touch with the earth. But still possesses a vitality and hunger for new experiences and an infallible spirit that stands up to face whatever comes his way. For us, this is what a full life tastes like. Feel warm and comforted in his presence, his wisdom and humanity. Be inspired by the strength and confidence within you, connected to nature, sun and soil.

Edmund (White)

Edmund has come a long way. He should stick around for a while. But let’s see how long he’ll stay. We’ll enjoy his transient soul while we can. He’s an unconventional type. Offbeat. Expressive. A personality inspired by the wild surroundings if his natural home. But beneath the maverick appearance, challenging the norms of society, you discover a charming and gentle character.

This unexpected depth will win you over. Be sure of that. With every sip you begin to appreciate his pure approach to life. To embrace the alternative way. The beauty of the unexpected. In times like these, in the company of Edmund, you may feel the desire to join him, to break free and let your true self out.

A weekend with Eduard Tscheppe at Gut Oggau

Over this intimate weekend I will take you on a unique journey into the world of Gut Oggau. Connect with nature and discover a mindful method of viticulture, agriculture and a way of living in harmony with nature at our winery, set in the stunning Austrian wine country of Burgenland, by the magnificent lake Neusiedler See.


The perfection of Mother Nature

In a diverse and packed program, you’ll work with me on the vines and the soil and learn about the philosophy and practice of biodynamics, as a showcase of a balanced  life embedded in nature.Come together with a small group of like-minded people from all over the world, to uncover the secrets of nature, make connections, find balance, and open up a new perspective on life. Engage your senses and get to know the perfection of Mother Nature.

We will listen, learn; be amazed, inspired; eat, drink and laugh; and pay homage to the essentials in life. At the end of the weekend, thanks to the power of nature and your own unique personality,  you will experience the world with a new sense of joy and well-being. I look forward to meeting you and going on this journey together.

Lecture language English
Price per person, meals included
EUR 1.499,– incl. VAT

All root-time dates

  • root-time 1 / 08.06. – 09.06. 2024

  • root-time 3 / 24.08. – 25.08. 2024


Although there is always a rough outline, the detailed program is flexible according to the season and the weather conditions. For your best experience, join with an open mind and without expectations. The start- and end times listed in this section are subject to change.

Get Together
09:00 – 10:00
10.00 – 11.30
Practical Field work
11.30 – 13.00
13:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:00
Theoretical Aspects
15:00 – 16:30
Wine Tasting
16:30 – 18:00
18:00 – 19:00
19:00 – 21:00
Night Program
21:00 – 22:00

Biodynamic Preparation Work
06:00 – 08:00
08:00 – 09:00
09:00 – 09:30
Practical Field Work
09:30 – 11:30
Theoretical Aspects
11:30 – 13:00
Reflection, Q&A
13:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:00

What to bring:
Outdoor clothes
Hiking boots
Rain jacket
Clothing for two days
Garden gloves

There is light breakfast, lunch and dinner on the first day, and light breakfast and lunch on the second day.

Gut Oggau
Hauptstraße 31
A-7063 Oggau


The root-times are held at Gut Oggau. Sleeping accommodation is not included. A brochure with various options to arrange private accommodation is sent out after registration.


Open from May until September on days below from 12:00 – 22:00 h

09.05 – 12.05
18.05 – 20.05
30.05 – 31.05

01.06 – 02.06
22.06 – 23.06

06.07 – 07.07
13.07 – 14.07
27.07 – 28.07

31.08 – 01.09

14.09 – 15.09

Visits & tastings

It is  possible to visit us at Gut Oggau by appointment. Wine tastings regularly take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the opening days of our Heuriger at 11 am. Since the demand for our tastings at our winery is very high, we reserve the right to bring several participants together. It is also highly possible that the tasting will be held in English, if you do not wish this in any case, we ask you to let us know in advance.

We invite you to contact us as much in advance as possible, so that we can best organize our schedule and the time we can spend together with you. Tell us a few words about yourself, where you are from and what makes you want to dive into the Gut Oggau world.

We speak English, French, German and some Italian.
EUR 79,- per person

If you want to go even deeper, please check out the dates of our root-times with Eduard Tscheppe on our homepage.

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Many of the selected products are unique, many are only available in very small quantities. From my Heart is constantly redefining itself, it is the invitation to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of life in all its facets on Stephanie's way. An invitation to think outside the box together, to connect people, to open our eyes to what is essential. It is not about one thing alone, it is about the whole, about everything, about life.

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