From my Heart / Vienna Bucketbag

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Vienna Bucketbag

Vienna bucket bag inspired with chair S 32 of Marcel Breuer and now newly interpreted in grape leather.

Design: Highly loved SAGAN Vienna

Italian grape leather.


Signature hand knotted handle. Additionally long thin removable shoulder strap. Inner pocket.
Sophisticated japanese metal hardware with hairline matt finish.
Cotton lining.

GRAPE LEATHER is an innovative material characterised by the high content of vegetal, renewable and recycled materials. This is composed of grape skin, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production. No toxic solvent, heavy metals and dangerous substances for humans and the environment are involved in the production process.

This vegan leather has the classic leather structure, just a little more shine. It is very resistant and durable.


Width 18cm
Height 24,5cm
Depth 14cm
Handle length 44cm
Strap drop 124-132cm

Metal component: Gold