From my Heart / Smile Rug

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Hand braided Fabric Scrap Smile Rug Tan

One of a kind throw rug hand braided and patched from wool blanket and cashmere scarf scraps

27 inches in diameter

Please launder your Hand braided Fabric Scrap Smile Rug with care. Hand Wash in cold water and dry flat


Thank You Have a Good Day is a collection, shop and creative studio formed in early 2019 by Alicia Yates and Gary Smith.

"In April 2020, our first collection was born in our home studio in the stillness of quarantine out of both creative necessity and curiosity.  It was a moment of pure spark when we made the decision to adapt our focus from curation to creation.  Discovering we could work almost exclusively with existing materials — salvaged and sourced vintage and antique textiles we already had a longstanding love and appreciation for was game changing. "