From myHeart/ Woven Sweatshirt Unisex

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Woven Sweatshirt

Isan Woven has been a local significance and heritage for times. The Isan Woven has been part of daily life in Isan for generations. The all-natural textile has a unique texture that breaths and moves elegantly while being resilient and functional.

The Coral Isan Woven Sweatshirt is uniquely and individually crafted. 100% artisanal cotton, hand-spun and handwoven by Indigo Grandmas in Sakon Nakhon in the Northeast of Thailand. The material is durable and reliable, ensuring a long-lasting and love-worn sweatshirt.

Featuring fuchsia pink zipper tab with gold zipper on the back of collar. Dark blue ribbed detail at the neck. Loose-fit. Dark blue ribbed cuffs.

Composition:  100% Handwoven Cotton. Plant-based dyes: Pradu, Fang, and Lac (Coral).



Founded in Brooklyn by Philip Huang and Chomwan Weeraworawit in 2016, Philip Huang produces clothing that merges indigenous knowledge passed on for generations from artisans in the Northeast of Thailand with contemporary design to create versatile modern clothing with an artisanal touch. Using plant-based natural dyes, organic fibers, hand-made textiles and accessories, Philip Huang draws from the land working with the artisans that are the keepers of this knowledge all the whilst making clothes for today and the future.

Care Instructions: Hand-wash in normal temperature. Low steam or iron. Machine wash on a cold setting, and hang to dry. Low steam or iron.