Are you interested in learning about the rhythms of nature?

Keen on working along us in viticulture and agriculture?

Curious about what it takes to live and create along with Mother Earth?

Thrilled to dive deep into Biodynamics?

Eager to go out of your comfort zone?

Ready to throw learned and familiar things over board?

Willing to change the world?


So come and spend some time with us for an internship to learn from our experience and profit from the lessons nature has taught us.

You are welcome to join throughout all the vegetation season, starting from March till end of October, recommended time to stay is 3 months or more, minimum is 1 month.

Be prepared to wake up early, go to bed late, get your hands dirty and work with passion.


If you are ready for that, please send your application to and let us know why it should be you to bring inspiration and energy to our fields.