From my Heart/ Wildflowers

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Local wild herbs for your smoking ritual

Contents for Grounding:
Mugwort, mallow and elderflower from organic wild collection.

Effect: This warm, earthy incense blend gives you stability and security. The spicy smoke of the mugwort creates a feel-good atmosphere. Elderberry and mallow have a protective, strengthening and relaxing effect. Rediscover your archaic powers and ground yourself.

Contents for Good Vibes:
Rosemary, wild dost and sheep's gift from organic wild collection.

Effect: The energy of summer. Everything feels loose and light with this airy mixture. Rosemary brings strength, wild dost fills the room with lightness and sheep's wool invigorates and provides mental balance.

Contents for Clear Mind:
Mugwort, peppermint and wild thyme.

Effect: Fresh start and new focus. Mint increases consenrtation and refreshes the mind. Thyme drives away negative thoughts. Mugwort brings calm and clarity. Ideal for letting go of the old and tuning in to new paths.

Burning time: For more than 30 rituals